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Get well

Glamping and wellness go hand in hand 

Middle Lypiatt offers an idealistic setting for concentrating on the mind and body.  

Looking to host a retreat?  We can sleep 16 people across our two tents and the B&B. Contact us for more information.

If you are planning a stay and would like to add a pilates or yoga session, we have partnered with instructors who will run classes at your tent.  If exercise and stretching isn't your thing, our instructors also run creative workshops, lunar magic and whole body wellness sessions.

Pilates with Isla

Pilates is a restorative practice that connects the mind and body. Focusing around core strength the body will feel centred and balanced creating homeostasis within one’s self. 

With Isla’s Pilates you can expect a challenging but low intensity class that will leave you feeling recharged.


Tailored to the individual, the session will consist of full body movements, stretches and posture realignment. 


Yoga with Jesse

Jesse is a locally recognised teacher in the Cotswolds who specialises in guiding you through a practice that works best for your energy on the day. Jesse combines a mixture of her experience and training in Vinyasa Yoga (focussing on breath led transitions and creative dynamic flow) and Somatic movement (working more therapeutically to regulate the nervous system).

The yoga session starts with an opening relaxation to ground and breathe. Followed by gentle or dynamic movement (depending on your needs) closing with a guided meditation and savasana practice aiming to leave you feeling nourished and refreshed.

Get your creative juices flowing and bring some healing relaxation into your stay with an Art and Mindfulness session with Sophie. Sophie works within the art industry and combines art sessions or creative journaling with mindful meditation and breathwork to allow you to sink into deep relaxation and unwind through painting, drawing or writing. 

The sessions start with grounding breathwork, followed by guided art creation or journalling (it's your choice how to channel your creativity!) and then close with a gentle guided meditation, leaving you restored and at peace. 

Be creative with Sophie

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