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Roll-up, Roll-up

The circus is coming to...Middle Lypiatt

The world-famous Gifford Circus is presenting “The Hooley” in Middle Lypiatt from 19th to 24th May, and 16th to 26th September. The Circus’s home is a twenty-minute walk from Middle Lypiatt Glamping and the touring troop starts and finishes their season in the hamlet.

In the interim you can catch the fairies, trolls, pixies, leprechauns and wild horses as they travel through Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London.

At the time of writing there is limited availability in both the safari tent and the B&B.

Book your tickets to the circus here .

"I held the jewel of my childhood up to my eye, and through it I saw ponies and a dressing-up box and a tent, and that was Giffords Circus."

Nell Gifford

Photographs by Gem Hall


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